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Health Care at Meadow Lakes


Meadow Lakes is now a 5-Star facility on the CMS Website


'Nursing Home Compare" is a Five–Star Quality Rating System for nursing homes established to provide the public with an easy way to understand the quality of a nursing home by making meaningful distinctions between high and low performing nursing homes. The rating is calculated from Health Inspections, Staffing and Quality Measures. The website for further detail is





Meadow Lakes is a non-profit, long-term-care provider certified by the Commission for Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities/Continuing Care Accreditation Commission (CARF/CCAC). Care includes diverse programs and services for adults of all faiths who may live independently or in an assisted living, skilled nursing, or memory care environment. Meeting residents' physical, social, spiritual, emotional, and mental health needs is part of an overall program designed to provide maximum health benefits. Rooms are attractive, clean and well-furnished. The entire environment creates an atmosphere of comfort. Patient rooms have outside access to patios and there are central courts for outdoor activities as weather and health permit. Pastoral care is available through the Meadow Lakes Chaplain.


Health Care (Linda Rizzo, Administrator)


A. The Clinic is a physician's office providing routine medical and primary care services. Appointments with physicians or other medical personnel, laboratory tests, routine x-rays, EKG's and medical specialists such as cardiology, orthopedics, ophthalmology and dentistry can be made through the clinic. The clinic, staffed by Dr. Ahmed Mirza, board certified in Internal Medicine and Geriatric Medicine and two other doctors as well as RN's and Certified Nursing Assistants. Hours are 9-4 Monday through Friday plus phone coverage nights and weekends.


Nurses also provide followup care after surgery or hospitalization for residents in independent living, visiting them in their apartments.


B. Assisted Living (28 apartments) is a step between Independent Living and Skilled Nursing. The environment of this unit provides assistance for those who need some help with daily activities such as dressing, bathing, grooming and eating or taking medicine. Residents in this unit are surrounded by their own furniture and personal belongings along with an outdoor patio opening onto an attractive courtyard.   Residents in Assisted Living often volunteer to help other residents in their activities. Residents share an attractive private dining room and are served meals matching those offered in Independent Living or according to any special diet required. They may also dine in the independent living dining room or cafe.


C. Skilled Nursing (60 beds certified and licensed under Medicare and Medicaid)


Specialized subacute care i.e. following hospitalizations, surgery including joint replacement, and long term care. It is staffed by physicians five days a week and on call nights and weekends plus nurses, nursing assistants and aides at levels that are above those required by the state of New Jersey.


D. Meadowside (16 apartments in a warm, comforting specially designed environment).

Care for residents with dementia is provided here. The staff has specialized training which has prepared them for the varieties of needs that are common among these residents. Programming is especially organized for people with memory loss.


E. Ancillary Health Services



1 - Physical Therapy is provided by Genesis Health Care and offers a full range of physical, occupational and speech therapy to our residents in Skilled Nursing and Assisted Living as well as Independent Living.



2. The Activities Department for residents in Skilled Nursing and Assisted Living has received consistently excellent evaluations for its creativity and variety.



3. Social Services   Residents are admitted to Meadow Lakes Skilled Nursing or Assisted Living through the Social Services Department. The full program of social services under the direction of an accredited social worker includes follow up with each person to insure care is being carried out effectively. The Social Services Director holds family meetings with residents annually and at other times on request hi conjunction with an interdisciplinary team that includes the physician, nursing supervisor, Physical Therapy Director and Activities Director.   The Social Services Director develops a care plan for each resident. With this team, the Director also ensures that care is given according to the plan. For residents going home, Social Services is responsible for discharge planning to further effective health management when the resident is at home.



4. Private Duty Nursing Services   Residents in Independent Living, Assisted Living or Skilled Nursing may employ hourly or round-the-clock nursing care with a Certified Nursing Assistant.   These residents have regular visits with the professional staff in the Clinic as well.




The term Hospice refers to an approach to end-of life care as well as a type of facility for supportive care of terminally ill patients. Hospice programs provide palliative (care that relieves discomfort but does not improve the patient’s condition or cure the disease), patient-centered care, and other services. The goal of Hospice care, whether delivered in the patient’s home or in a healthcare facility, is the provision of humane and compassionate medical, emotional, and spiritual care to the dying.


 Questions or Concerns: Linda Rizzo, Health Care Administrator, 609-426-6812, Shanna Lee, RN, Director of Nursing, 609-426-6804.

Prepared by Dr. Peggy Van Horn, M.D.